Lucy Black Monkey – Bag

Product description

Lucy – the Warsaw Zoo chimpanzee who… paints.

Among the entire community of chimpanzees there, it is only Lucy who seems to be attracted to art. It’s enough to give her paint (edible dye), a brush, and a canvas for her to reveal her soul to us. She precedes every brush stroke with a detailed licking of excess paint off the brush. Next, she observes her caretaker painting, before starting to create her own original monkey art pieces.

On the basis of Lucy’s paintings, Cacofonia Milano created an extraordinary pattern, on which images of monkeys are interwoven with Lucy’s original brush strokes. Her brushwork is visible on the pattern. The individual brush strokes were taken from five different paintings of Lucy’s.

Together with Lucy Cacofonia Milano supports gorillas.

Five percent of all Cacofonia Milano sales with the Lucy pattern goes to the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, which saves gorillas in their natural habitat.

Convenient returns

Convenient returns

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